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Super Bowl 53 Commercials Promoted Black Empowerment?

Inspiring commercials about African American athletes during a time of protest could give us more encouragement to speak about things that may seem taboos

       Infamous football player Colin Kaepernick started a quiet protest while playing for San Francisco 49ers. As the national anthem played Kaepernick decided to not stand with his hand over his heart but instead kneel down.

The root for this protest was a response to police-involved shootings of unarmed black Americans, and to support Black Lives Matter. This quiet protest has since gained a huge following from other players, even high school players follow his act of protest and began kneeling at their own games. In the midst of his protest Kaepernick decided to officially opt out of his contract, knowing he was more likely to be released by San Francisco and be paid less than his regular wage. US President Donald Trump advised the owners to fire the protesting players. The NFL didn’t want to be involved in the controversy and seen Kaepernick as a potential risk, this caused the player to be somewhat blackballed in the sports industry. 

            In support for Kaepernick some are boycotting the NFL while others are choosing to use this protest as a stance for the empowerment of African Americans. The protest made African Americans comfortable with exercising their right of Freedom of Speech and expression, our voices are finally being heard. This past Sunday the  Super bowl LIII showcased many African Americans and their own stances.


Tennis player Serena Williams was featured in a commercial for Bumble, it told her inspiring story about her being told  how waiting was polite but if she had waited for a change to happened she never would’ve made a difference.


Antoinette “Toni” Harris a female African American football player appeared in a Toyota commercial, her message was to not let anyone’s opinion about you stop you from following your dreams. Inspiring commercials about African American athletes particularly women, during a time of protest could give us more encouragement to speak about things that may seem taboo. A powerful influence could possibly change the world. 

Taking a stand for something you’re passionate about regardless of how others may feel has become the norm. People are becoming less afraid of the consequences that will occur when you stand out and speak for what you believe in. Although some may not agree with Colin Kaepernick’s actions within his protest it has gained the attention of society, he has gone from a quarterback to a social activist in just 2 years. The courageous act of kneeling during the national anthem has promoted African American empowerment with not only the NFL but for the culture as well. Become an Elite Member with The 7th Magazine if you would like to learn more about different cultures, empowerment within the community, and how people are making an impact in the world. 

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